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Summer Dance Intensive and Mini-Session
July 11-August 18

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 Fall Class Descriptions

Children's Division

Tots I: (18 months - 2 years)Creative instruction captures the imagination while developing your child's natural inclination for movement.  Social interaction, independence, and body awareness are focused on in this class.  Dancers should be able to walk prior to starting this class.

Tots II: (3-4 years) Creative dance teaches fundamental body awareness, muscular control, and flexibility for continued ballet training as children progress through our program.  Tap is introduced in this level, developing basic skill sets and musical training for rhythmic skills.   Pre-Requisite: Completion of Tots I or minimum age.

Pre-Ballet: (4-6 years) Children build ballet fundamentals through practice and execution of ballet steps, both locomotor and in place.  Dancers also develop a rhythmic skills through tap basics and build from those skills into beginning time steps.   Stretching an strengthening as well as Pre-Acrobatics are also part of the class.  Pre-requisite: Completion of Tots II or Pre-ballet I, or meets age requirements

Pre-Ballet I: (4-5 years) Through repetition and progression of skill sets, students learn primary ballet skill sets, develop locomotor skills, creative expression, and tap foundations.  Pre-requisite:  Completion of Tots II or minimum age.

Pre-Ballet II: (5-6years) Children continue to build their ballet vocabulary with a higher expectation for attention span and body awareness while executing directed material.  Tap lessons will now include rhythmic changes and beginner time steps.  Pre-jazz will start at this level.  Pre-requisite:  Completion of Pre-Ballet, Pre-Ballet I, or minimum age requirement.

Beginning Dance: (Level I and II), (6-8 years)  Dancers work formal dance training at the barre for technical development, muscular control and body awareness. In center, dancers build their ballet vocabulary through skill repetition and progressions.  Dancers work on combining tap skills, manipulating rhythms, and learning time steps during the tap portion of the class.  Jazz and Pre-Acrobatics are incorporated into the class to build flexibility and strength.  Pre-requisite: Completion of Pre-Ballet II, Beginning I, or minimum age requirement.

Beginning I (Curriculum Level I), (6-7 years):  As the first level of the progressive curriculum, dancers formally begin their ballet lessons, working at the barre to develop body awareness, technique, and muscular control for ballet lessons in center.  Dancer's ballet skill set will progress and work in combination.  Tap lessons build speed within timesteps and rhythmic changes.  Jazz and pre-acrobatics are incorporated to build strength and functional flexibility.  Pre-requisite: Completion of Pre-Ballet II or minimum age.

Beginning II (Curriculum Level II ),  (7-8 years):  Ballet will progress into new position work and increased strength, focus, and control expectations.  Dancers will learn new time steps and combine tap steps to further develop the tapper and music fundamentals.  Jazz and pre-acrobatics continue.  Pre-requisite: completion of Beginning I or minimum age. 

Advanced Beginning:  (8-10 years): The final step in combination classes at Lake Shore Dance.  Dancers refine and further develop ballet and tap skills through repetition and classical class patterning.  Jazz is now fully incorporated into the class structure, utilizing musical interpretation, body isolations,  and level change.   Coupled with Cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility skills, dancers learn to dance with power and stamina. Completion of Beginning II or minimum age requirement.  

Training Division Curricular and Supplementary Dance Classes

All of our curricular levels follow our proven, progressive curriculum for optimal results in technical development and artistry. 




Supplementary Classes

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