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Full Listing of Dance classes at Lake Shore Dance

Registration is Ongoing at Lake Shore Dance!


General registration details - for full disclosure, please read the terms on the registration form

  • Classes begin September 3 at all Lake Shore Dance locations and continue through May 16 (in West Bend) and May 21 (Cedarburg and Port Washington) for a total of 33 or 34 weeks (depending on location)
  • Tuition rates are for the entire 33 or 34 weeks of classes, divided into 9 monthly installments payments. 
  • Families with one or more students registered receive a 10% family discount
  • Take advantage of our full curriculum and enjoy the benefits of multiple class discounting! Huge savings for exceptional training, facilities, dance educators and full customer service!  The more classes your child takes, the bigger the discount.  For complete multiple rate disclosure, drop policy, and registration agreement, please review the registration form. 

How to select your class:
Lake Shore Dance is a unique program that caters to serious study and recreational dancers alike in the same educational setting.  Because of our progressive curriculum, every student receives the best training In the area! 

New Students
Children up to 8 years old:
Please select your class based on your child's age.  All of our classes are developmentally appropriate based on learning styles, attention capacity, and creative development.  Once the semester starts, your child's instructor will evaluate your child to ensure your child is in the best level for her development. 

Children 9 and over:  
All dance programs are designed differently and our levels may or may not match up with levels at other dance schools.  For this reason, please register your child based on your child's age first and then your child's teacher will evaluate your child in the first week of classes to ensure your child is in the best class to challenge her and help her grow as both an artist and a dancer. 

Current Students
Please refer to the placement report that your child received at the end of the last season. 

Classes for the fall session  - all locations of Lake Shore Dance

For a class listing by location, please visit the location page on this website by hovering over the "More" tab and selecting your desired location